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Why we LOVE it

Professional pet care is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and every one of our sitters LOVES people and pets! YK Sitters offers:

  • Fuzzy Faces & Unconditional Love!

  • Flexible Hours

  • Discounted Pet Sitting for you!

  • Sitter Referral Bonuses

  • Exercise & Fresh Air

  • Independence

  • Online YK Sitter account

  • Comprehensive office support

  • Team Spirit

Types of Services/Positions


As a mid-day pet sitter, you must be available to walk and/or visit with dogs, complete poop scoop visits and be available Monday through Friday between 9am & 3pm or 8am-4pm. The number of dogs you’ll walk on any given day will vary based upon the clients’ schedules and when they need pet care. You must be available all of these days and all of these hours. Midday pet sitters are paid hourly and are employees of YK Sitter.


Pet Sitters visit our client’s home 1-4 per day, so will need to be available for the morning, evening, and goodnight visit “time blocks” or have open weekend availability for the duration of the client's booking. At times, for coverage or relief purposes you will share a booking with another sitter. YK Sitter chooses to work with independent contractors (IC’s) for this position.


Overnight sitters must be available to commit 12-14 + hours of evening to morning care daily for the duration of the clients booking following the instructions and pets routines they are accustomed to. YK Sitter chooses to work with independent contractors (IC’s) for this position.


  • Must live in Yellowknife

  • Must be committed to at least 6 months of continuous service

  • Have an operational cell phone with a data plan

  • Be physically fit and able to work and commute in all types of weather (this is a VERY active position that requires hours of energy, even on rainy, snowy, or humid and frigid days)

  • Have access to a reliable vehicle and have a valid driver’s license

  • Have experience with, a love of and a desire to work with dogs and/or cats, and other small animals

  • Love people in addition to animals (this is just as much a customer service position as it is pet care).

  • Be 100% reliable

  • Have the ability to communicate effectively with YK Sitter, fellow pet sitters, and clients by returning emails, phone calls, and text messages promptly

  • Have the ability to provide the service in a professional manner

  • Be organized and detail-oriented

  • Be able to provide professional references

  • Provide a current and clean background



  • Your pay is based on a flat rate per job assignment with pay for additional pets

  • Overnight Stays start at 55%.

  • Note: Visits range from 15-60 minutes. Overnight Stays are a minimum of 12-14hrs of live in care

  • Holiday bonus of $10 additional per visit

  • Gratuities are 100% yours!


  • Your pay is $17-20/hr based on experience.

  • Holidays and weekends off

  • A company gas card for weekly fill ups

  • Gratuities are 100% yours!

Long-Term Relationship

YK Sitter is only interested in working with sitters who want to build a long-term relationship with our company and our clients. Our clients come to trust their assigned pet sitter and appreciate it when they’re able to grow a trusted relationship with that person.


YK Sitter reserves the right to work with professionals that are only providing pet sitting and dog walking services for YK Sitter. We do not have sitters on our team that hobby sit. However, we do offer a Friends & Family discount for your loved ones needing professional pet care.


Send us an email by clicking the button below! Be sure to include your resume, what position(s) you are interested in, and why you want to join the team!