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As YK Sitter grows, we continue to learn that one size does not fit all when it comes to pet care in our community. In fact, many Yellowknife families are benefitting from services that extend outside of just dog walking and pet sitting.


That's why we expanded to include home and concierge services that aim to make your life even a little bit easier! From home checks and pharmacy pick-ups to dog toy sanitizing and veterinary appointments, we've got you covered. YK Sitter, at your service!

"I have been using YK Sitter for a while and the whole experience with the company is great.  Good, reliable and honest service.  Their App and communications are great. The App makes it easy to adjust your services and chat to them. I highly recommend them to any Yellowknifer!!!"

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home care

House Check:


  • Run all taps, flush all toilets, check house temperature, water plants, rotate lights, and shovel front steps as needed (we can also run dishwasher & fill/drain tub on request).

Add-On: House Check:


  • Run all taps, flush all toilets, check house temperature, water plants, rotate lights, and shovel front steps as needed (we can also run dishwasher & fill/drain tub on request).

Home Waiting Service:


  • A block of time to wait at your home for cable/internet service, furniture delivery, etc.

  • 2 & 4-hour blocks are offered for anything longer than an hour

(Add to any pet sitting visit)

(min 1 hour)


Key Drop Off/Pick Up:


  • Return/Pick up keys from client

Pet Taxi (One Way):


  • Pick up OR drop off daycare, vet, groomer, etc.

Pet Food & Supply Delivery:


  • Deliver pet food per client's order from Crooked Whisker, Qimmiq, Borealis Pet Supplies or vet offices. 4 pick-up package. A la carte pickups are $16.

Pharmacy Pick-Up:


  • Pickup and delivery of personal or pet prescriptions

(up to 4 pickups)

Shopping Service:


  • Minimum of 1 hour.

Vet Appointment:


  • Pick up & return. We also accompany your pet for duration of vet appointment.

cleaning & sanitizing

Dry Cleaning Pick-Up Service:


  • Pick up and delivery of dry cleaning

Vacuum Service:


  • House vacuum

Toy Washing & Sanitizing:


  • Soak hard chew toys in a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Scrub to remove any stubborn debris.

Litter Box Cleaning & Sanitizing:


  • Dirty litter emptied and disposed of. Litter box scrubbed and sanitized.



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Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9a-5p

Service Hours: 365 days a year, 7a-10p

Proudly owned & operated on the traditional territory of the Yellowknives Dene on Chief Drygeese Territory. Serving all of Yellowknife, NWT.