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We hold our staff to the highest of standards. By properly vetting during our hiring process, we're able to find the great ones who can commit to their sitting and provide professional service. By employing a fully-staffed team, we're able to provide our clients with the availability and professional reliability they deserve.

meet the owner

Hey there. I’m Cameron.


The Northwest Territories has been my home for the majority of my life, growing up in Norman Wells and Yellowknife. I am the proud pet mom to Marjorie, Kitty and our newest addition -- Nikolais. I LOVE being their mom and I love the service we offer to Yellowknife fur families.

My partner and I like to travel, and when we can I want the best for Marji & Kitty while we’re away (or when I need a helping hand to get in Marji’s daily exercise!). It is important to me that my standards of care are given to them and I trust our YKS team with their happiness, health and keeping me updated with personal messages and photos. I always want my fur babes to have trusting and reliable care and I want YOURS to have the same.

I love the business opportunity we found in Yellowknife and love what we've built. The skills we’ve learned, the help and benefits we offer to our fur and human clients, and seeing the happy visit reports every day (all day) is what keeps me living my dream.

Cameron M.

Cameron - owner and founder of YK Sitter in Yellowknife

the yk sitter team

libby - manager of Yellowknife's YK Sitter

Libby W.

Schedule & Client Care Manager

Hi!! My name is Libby, I’ve been working with the YK Sitter family as your Scheduling & Client Care Manager. Some of you I’ve messaged with already in our pet sitting software! A little bit about me: I lived in Norman Wells for 10 years, started a family, built a home. Then life took us to Yellowknife for another 3 years. We ended up in Ontario, my home province, however I still feel a fondness for my years in the North. Now I’m a retired gal living in Prince Edward County with my husband and “Simon” my Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund!! I’m feeling very fortunate to be a member of the YK Sitter team and I look forward to messaging with you!!


Ihsin L.

Mid-day Pet Sitter & Overnight Sitter

Hello Yellowknife! My name is Ihsin! I moved to this beautiful town, from Taiwan, in the winter of 2015. My partner and I have 4 fur babies - 2 cats and 2 dogs. Spending time with animals is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing parts of my day, I like to watch them play, enjoy short walks or exploring local trials, especially on sunny days. I believe that pets should stay active to keep them happy and heathy, it helps to release all that built up energy. I have always had pets growing up and I could not imagine living without their companionship.

Jocelyn - groomer at Yellowknife's YK Sitter

Jocelyn M.

Pet Sitter

I have a cockapoo and cavachon at home and enjoy their company immensely.  I travel for work and know that I want them in a safe place with the best of care when I am away.  I enjoy meeting and caring for dogs and pets like they are part of my own family.  I moved up North in 2011 and lived above the arctic circle in the Beaufort-Delta as well as living in Fort Simpson for 7 years.  I moved to Yellowknife in January 2019. I love to bundle up on a winter day and go for a walk.  A snowy day is always a good day for a walk.


Darienne R.

Mid-day Pet Sitter

I'm so excited to have joined the YK Sitter team! I have 4 fur babies of my own, a 10yr old boxer/black lab mix named Kaos, a very rambunctious 1yr old havanese named Liara and 2 beautiful blue Russian mix kitty's named Ares and Hades. I enjoy and cherish each and all of their very different personalities. I've been an animal lover since childhood and they have always been a big part of my family and life! I love the company of animals and forming that special bond with them. Working with animals is so rewarding and couldn't make my days any better! I can't wait to meet and work with you and your fur babies.

Darienne - Midday sitter at Yellowknife's YK Sitter
robyn - Mid-day sitter at Yellowknife's YK Sitter

Robyn C.

Mid-day Pet Sitter

Hey Pet Parents. My husband and I, with our two children, were posted here in Yellowknife from Nova Scotia in 2019. I have four fur babies. Oreo (our beagle) just turned 10 years old and Ellie (our husky/shepherd), who we just adopted from the SPCA, is seven months old now! Then there are our two cats. Delilah who is 8 years old and Mike who is 5 years old.


My love for animals started at the age of 9 when my parents were dog sitting for a friend and the dog ended up getting pregnant. When the puppies were born my parents allowed me to keep one of the puppies whom I named Benji. I would wrap Benji up in a blanket and rock him to sleep; wherever I went he came with me. He was my best friend. Over the years I have been pet sitting for my friends and family while they were on vacation or if they needed someone to check in on their fur babies. I joined the YK Sitter team because it gives me the opportunity to do what I love. Take care of animals!


Jane Ann S.

Pet Sitter

I moved to YK in 2018 as a member of the Canadian Armed forces.  A busy mom to two young children, I keep busy with several volunteer boards including a Weimaraner Rescue Group now that I am the proud rescue mom to Kohl, a sightly neurotic 9 yr old weim with fear aggression. 

Being in the military, I’ve always worried about my house and pets while traveling for military courses, deployments, and family visits back to NS.  This is why I joined the YK sitter team - to help provide others the peace of mind I so often searched for when away from home.  PLUS, I sometimes get to have some quiet podcast dog walks alone ;). 

I look forward to meeting your pets/taking care of your houses while you travel or work worry-free.

Jane Ann - pet sitter at Yellowknife's YK Sitter
Nikita - sitter at YK Sitter

Nikita C.

Pet Sitter & Overnight Sitter

My whole life, I’ve been around animals from horses to dogs. I grew up on a farm outside Camrose, Alberta where I was surrounded by many different animals. My grandma found passion in caring and raising animals which she had passed on to me while growing up on the farm and handing all types of animals. I’ve had countless pets, after moving away from the farm and coming to Yellowknife, I’ve had many beloved animals including dogs, cats, and fish. From there, my love for animals grew where I started house sitting for family and looking after their pets. 

I have also volunteered to walk dogs at the SPCA for a summer while in high school and loved it. I’ve been working for YK Pet Sitter’s for a little over a month and it has been amazing. I love my job and enjoy being able to pet sit different animals from birds to dogs.  I am a pet sitter because I have grown up surrounded by animals from all sizes and being able to help care for others pets takes me back to when I was on my farm.