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dog walking

We provide dog walking services for busy pet parents. Whether you're working long hours, have late meetings, are recovering from surgery, or working from home but don't have enough time to walk the dog, we'll be there!

Before beginning services with us, new clients are required to complete a complimentary initial consultation in your home, so that we're able to properly meet your pet(s), learn his/her routine, and get to know you a little bit better! More on that here.

"My doggies and I love YKSitter and their wonderful staff! I am always reassured to know the visits are happening as scheduled as I get immediate notifications and photos of the dogs out on their walks or being spoiled with cuddles and attention. The house is always in perfect order with everything taken care of!"

Eileen MS. | Google

dog walking and hiking in Yellowknife

Walkies are on-leash neighbourhood walks that include a water refresh and a personal visit report. Private Hikes and Playdates include the same plus round-trip transportation.

Our Playdates are for pet parents who want a more personal pack walk experience & socialization for their dog.

Extra dog rate is $8




Walkies (20min)



Walkies (30min)



Walkies (45min)



Walkies (60min)



Private Hike






Our playdates are smaller groups, up to 4 dogs on an off leash excursion


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